My ST620RF is calling for heat when tuned down to 5°c - why?

Your device is in cooling mode. You need to go to the service section on the menu. Type in the code (372) and turn the setting from cool to heat to solve this issue.

Do you have an app for ST620WBC?

No, The ST620WBC is not an Internet thermostat and does not require and app.

I have a metal flap on my boiler, could this effect communication between the thermostat and receiver?

YES if possible leave the flap down so there is clear communication.

How do I correctly sync my WBC / VBC plug-in receiver with the ST620 thermostat?

Press OK once on the thermostat, go round to pair then press OK twice, (10 sending should display on screen). Gently press and hold the SYNC button with a blunt object (e.g. paperclip). After 5 seconds the Boiler Control LED will flash once to indicate it is ready to pair and ready to receive a signal from the ST620.

Where are the OFF periods on the ST620?

Your thermostat is timed and temperature controlled, please use a low temperature if you do not require the heating on for a specific time.

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