Google-Play-Icon Apple-App-Icon SQ610 and SQ610RF Thermostats 5-year hand-app Ultra slim, thermostats for
underfloor heating systems
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Simple design - advanced possibilities

SALUS Quantum is an extraordinary thermostat designed to be multifunctional, yet simple to install and operate. During the development stage simplicity was the most important goal that we wanted to achieve. Secondary the aim was to design it in a unique, futuristic fashion fulfilling all of the needs of our many customers by making this thermostat the thinnest in the market. The idea of controlling the behaviour of central heating and underfloor heating systems alone means saving money and ecology, however we have decided to go one step further and design the thermostat with an internal rechargeable battery to accommodate recommendations of the European Union.

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Ultra Thin

Only 10mm thick in the 230V version and 11mm thick in the battery-powered version.



The thermostat is available in the 230V version - SQ610 and in the built-in battery version - SQ610RF


Humidity Sensor

Built-in humidity sensor


Large Screen

The large backlit screen ensures ease of use and quick setup.


Intuitive Menu

An intuitive menu will guide you through the setting up process.

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Choose a version for yourself

The QUANTUM controller is available in 2 versions: SQ610 and SQ610RF.

... on the web

SQ610 and SQ610RF can act as a thermostat for the SALUS Smart Home system and communicate wirelessly with other system components.

... on the cord

Thanks to the potential-free relay in the SQ610 controller you can control the installation by cable. In addition, you get control over the Internet without having to replace existing devices.


Key Features

  • Pre-paired for quick installation
  • Thermostat will quickly guide you through the setup process
  • An end to changing batteries with an environmentally friendly LI-ION rechargeable battery.
  • Ultra-slim design with an overall depth of just 10mm
  • Load compensation.
  • OpenTherm™ Protocol
  • Service Mode
  • Landlord PIN
  • Optimisation Features
  • 5 Year Warranty
For each
type of heating
The SQ610 and SQ610RF Thermostats can be used with any type of heating.
Floor heating
Connect the controller to the central strip and control the underfloor heating in your home. In addition, the “COMFORTABLE FLOOR” function will give you the luxury of a warm floor at all times.
Radiator heating
Connect the controller to the TRV head and manage the rooms with traditional heating.
Boiler control
Choose the control option that’s right for you. Wired, wireless, or maybe via the Internet?
Electric heating
Control the electric heating devices with the controller using SPE600 or SR600.
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Be smart!

You can expand your system with smart home components at any time. Taking care of your convenience, we provide the opportunity to introduce the system at every stage of the investment. You will be able to use not only the heating control function, but also OneTouch rules that will allow you to create your own scenarios that match your needs. Please visit ( SALUS Universe ) to find out more.

Voice assistants

QUANTUM thermostats give you the opportunity to connect them with a voice assistant Amazon Alexa.


Regardless of where you are at the moment, you can always have your home under control, thanks to the free SALUS Smart Home application.


Connection and installation - have never been so easy

The QUANTUM thermostats have been designed for the simplest and fastest installation, with the number of steps needed reduced to a minimum.

Mounting options

The SQ610 thermostat is designed for mounting in a standard electrical box, while the SQ610RF thermostat comes with a magnetic wallplate, attachable via screws and wall plugs or with a dedicated adhesive sticker (accessories are included with the thermostat).


Technical Data

The QUANTUM thermostat is revolutionary in terms of its design specification, functionality and ultra thin, long lasting, rechargeable Lithium ION battery.

Power Built-in battery Li-Ion 3,7V
Charging voltage(Not Included) Micro-USB 5V DC,min 0,5 A
Temperature adjustment range 5-40°C
Display temperature accuracy 0.5°C or 0.1°C
Control algorithm ITLC Hysteresis (±0.25°C / ±0.5°C) THB actuators
S1-S2 input (multi-functional) Floor Sensor
Air Sensor
Hotel Card/Occupancy Sensor
One Touch
Changeover Switch (Heating/Cooling)
Communication protocol ZigBee 2,4GHz
Mounting method Surface-mounted
IP Rating IP30
Dimensions Thermostat (W x H x D) 86 x 86 x 11 mm
Power 230V AC
Temperature adjustment range 5-40°C
Display temperature accuracy 0.5°C to 0.1°C
Control algorithm ITLC Hysteresis (±0.25°C / ±0.5°C) THB actuators
S1-S2 input (multi-functional) Floor Sensor
Air Sensor
Hotel Card/Occupancy Sensor
One Touch
Changeover Switch (Heating/Cooling)
Output COM/NO (Volt Free)
Maximum Load 3(1)A
Communication Protocol Zig Bee 2,4GHz
Mounting method Flush-mounted
IP Rating IP30
Dimensions (W x H x D) 86 x 86 x 28mm

Wiring diagrams for
wired connection SQ610:

Diagram of a voltage-free connection e.g. of a heating device


AC 230V receiver connection diagram (e.g. pump, actuator valve, heating mat)


Wiring diagram of the wired control strip

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