Frequently Asked Questions


(Q) I have a blank screen on my RT510RF or RT310RF even though I have placed new batteries in it?

(A) Take the batteries out and wait for ten minutes. Then put new batteries into the thermostat and wait a further ten minutes, the screen will re-appear. Please note: The batteries must be AA alkaline.


(Q) Why won’t my thermostat pair with the receiver?

(A) Make sure you are standing over a meter away from the receiver with the thermostat when pairing.


(Q) My thermostat still will not pair with the receiver.

(A) To begin pairing, quickly turn the receiver switch to off then on.


(Q) I have an orange light on my receiver and my iT500 thermostat will not work correctly.

(A) This is failsafe mode. Turn the mains power to the receiver off at the boiler for five seconds and then back on. Then re-pair the thermostat to the receiver, this will get you out of failsafe mode.


(Q) My RT520RF is in manual mode, how do I get it out of this ?

(A) Hold the hand button in for five seconds and release to get out of manual mode.


(Q) Why do I have a flashing light on my receiver?

(A) A flashing light means the thermostat and receiver are no longer paired. We have films on our web site showing how to re-pair all our products.


(Q) My ST620 thermostat says service mode and is asking for a pin?

(A) Type in 372 to override this.


(Q) There is a hand on my RT520RF thermostat and it is not following the schedules that I have set up. How do I remove the hand?

(A) Hold the hand button in for five seconds and release. This will take the hand away and the thermostat will now follow the schedules set up.


(Q) My ST620RF thermostat says OFF?

(A) This means that the batteries in your thermostat need changing. Please note: The batteries must be AA alkaline.


(Q) Why won’t my iT500 let me sign in on the app?

(A) You need to download the iT500plus app.


(Q) How do I program my thermostat?

(A) We have a range of films on our website that show you how to do this.


(Q) Why won’t my thermostat go above 5º?

(A) The unit is in frost mode. Press the frost button for five seconds and release.


(Q) Where is the STA code or SRT code on my iT500 or RT310i thermostat?

(A) The code is located behind the batteries of the thermostat.


(Q) What batteries do I need for my thermostat?

(A) For all SALUS thermostats, the batteries must be AA alkaline.


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