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Auto Balancing Actuator



Motorised actuator with unique built-in automatic balancing control for under floor heating Systems to ensure each circuit is always correctly balanced.


  • Auto balancing
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy & quick to install
  • Includes 2-piece pipe sensors
  • Precision motorised actuator
  • Ultra-low power 0.5W
  • Fit & forget UFH balance control
  • Fast valve opening & closing
  • Universal M30 x 1.5mm screw thread
  • 5 year warranty


NC = Normally Closed

Power Supply:

230V AC

Size (mm):

38 x 93 x 53


2 reviews for THB23030

  1. Dave Wood

    Fixed our 4 loop kitchen diner underfloor heating floor temperature problem. Same temperature over all the loops unlike before where one was hot 2 were ok and 1 was cold. Great
    UFH engineer amazed never seen them before, said if they work best thing ever.
    Yes they work

  2. Dion Stuart

    My nineteen zone, good underfloor heating system has been transformed into one which is now brilliant- no cold spots ever, and very even, controlled heat. I wish that these had been available seven years ago!

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