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Smartphone Controlled Thermostat


iT500 Smartphone controlled thermostat with options for heating and hot water control or 2 heating zones.
Access and control your heating and hot water via the Internet

  • Compatible with your Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Your Smartphone, Tablet or PC connects to the system using your existing broadband connection
  • The internal system uses 868 MHz for robust communication
  • System is secure and energy efficient
  • The system is wireless so it’s easy to install
  • 3 possible system configurations


  • Switching 230V
  • 2 x Volt Free Outputs
  • Internet control via Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Local control
  • Wall or desk mounted thermostat
  • Touch controls on thermostat
  • Frequency 868 MHz
  • Suitable for heating or cooling applications
  • 5 Year Warranty



2 x AA Batteries





  5V (adaptor included)



230V AC 50Hz

Switch Rating

 16 (5) amp


 5 (2) amp





 2 x AAA Batteries



12 reviews for iT500

  1. Colin Wright

    I have had the iT500 for four years now and use it to control my central heating via a laptop PC and an android phone. The thermostat has saved me a fortune as I can easily turn my heating off when not in the house. So I thoroughly recommend this product. The android app is regularly updated the PC program and firmware less so, but it works.

  2. Marko Pelovic

    Works like a charm 🙂
    On my first run, I wait 5-10 min for Firmware update… that’s the only wait time.

  3. Richard

    Brilliant product. It has worked faultlessly for heating and hot water for over 5 years. and saving ££££££.

  4. Luke

    I am a heating engineer and fit many Salus RT520 thermostats which is the model down from this. Wanted to install an iT500 for some time now and finally did today. Love the display, super impressed with the app. I dont know why people in the industry are not raving about this device? Its superb, its cheaper than the rivals, i will now be fitting these as the smart thermostat option with new boilers

  5. Barry

    I’ve had the IT500 for years – brilliant!

  6. Chris

    I’ve used this for 3 years in a holiday let which is a good hour plus from my home. Therefore very useful. No issues with system at all and unlike some others, no monthly fee.

  7. Tommy lar

    I fitted this about 3 months ago was very easy to do so .I am very impressed with this IT500 so pleased I have bought it a few time gone to work and left the heating on but able to turn it of from work .I do a 12 hour shift in cold stores so 1 hour before able to turn the heating on so house nice and warm when I get home so it does save you £££££ wish I had it years ago .not use the set times of the day yet but sure it works well but dont think I will have much need for that .would defo recommend to all 5*****

  8. Rob Prince

    Easy to fit and programme. Have used the IT500 in 3 places. First one in my previous home. Second unit in a Church. And third unit in my present home.
    Here I have two of these units working together. One unit for controlling two heating zones – (downstairs and upstairs which has the additional thermostat), and the third for hot water only (Unvented cylinder). All works with using only the one hub connected to the router. The upstairs thermostat is on the 2nd floor. The main thermostat IT500 is on the ground floor, and the controllers are in the cellar with the boiler. The IT500 for the hot water is in the kitchen which is through two brick walls. No issues with connection at all. Good batteries will last all year.
    All in all, very pleased with the control. The App works well – except for a minor issue when changing from one zone to another. You have to give it a moment to do its thing, then when you switch back, the reading isn’t correct. It worked fine until the app was updated! I did contact Salus, but they didn’t seem to believe me!
    Anyway, I can put up with than minor irritation because generally it works faultlessly.

  9. Mike

    Just checked to see how long I have had it. Bought Nov 2014 never been a problem and it’s on its second boiler. Can be a little erratic when the battery gets low but that’s when we know to change it as we never user the display just the app. Nice to be able to turn off heating on short breaks and put it back on before returning. Good value for money and far cheaper than the thermostat BG wanted to install. Highly recommended.

  10. Fiona

    Ive been using this for years at a holiday home, probably had one of the first ones in the UK. Like the fact it doesn’t have to be wired in and is simple to operate. Works fine most of the time and very useful to control heating when a property isn’t occupied all the time. Just installed another one at my main home too. Good that you can see battery level in the remote unit by app. Only minor gripe is you often need to be there in the property to do firmware updates and if you are not the system stops working til you are! Still they only happen every few years so not a big issue.

  11. Paul Christopher Ruston

    I had this now for just over a year now and it works great. So good to be able to control my heating from anywhere via the internet. I had no problems whatsoever and I am so pleased I went with the recommendation of our local central heating company. I was going to pay for a more expensive thermostat,, but I was told this was just as good at a much lower price and they were right. I have no problem in recommend the iT500 and it’s also very easy to use via the phone app.

  12. ash

    Fitted a few of these brilliant controller.

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