TRV10RFM Radiator Valve

Q – What kind of batteries should I use?
A – 2x AA Alkaline batteries (Non-rechargeable)

Note : When replacing batteries do not remove or create too much disturbance to the TRV10RFM.

Q – My TRV10RFM has a permanent red light.
A – If your TRV10RFM has a permanent red light then it has lost adaption with the radiator valve.

First, check that your radiator valve is compatible with the TRV10RFM. Secondly, check that the TRV10RFM is connected hand tight. Lastly, re-adapt the TRV10RFM to your radiator valve.

Q – My TRV10RFM doesn’t always respond immediately.
A – Your TRV10RFM will not respond immediately. The built in software will allow the TRV10RFM to detect how quickly the room is warming up/cooling down so there may be a delay.

OS600 Window/Door Sensor

Q – What kind of batteries should I use?
A – 1x CP3032 Lithium battery.

Q – My Salus Smart Home app says that the door sensor is “tampered”.
A – The front cover of your OS600 Window/Door Sensor may be loose. Re-fit the front cover.

Q – Can I use on a window?
A – The OS600 can be used internally on both windows and doors.

Q – Can I use the OS600 outside?
A – The OS600 is designed for internal use only and must not be used externally.

UG600 Gateway

Q – App cannot find gateway or gateway serial number does not populate.
A – Press the button on top of the gateway once so that it flashes green then on your Smart Home app press “Search for gateway” immediately.

Q – The registration window has expired.
A – Press the button on top of the gateway once. The LED should return to solid blue. Next, click “Search for gateway” followed by clicking “Activate my gateway” to complete the process.

Q – What colour LED should my gateway be?
A – Your gateway will be solid blue if paired correctly.

Q – Can I turn off the Gateway LED?
A – Yes. Open the Smart Home app then press the MENU button. Next press Equipment followed by Gateways. Here you can now change the LED setting between ‘Always On’ and Off When Idle’.

Q – Gateway LED is not illuminated.
A – First, check that your power connection is inserted all the way into the gateway. If the LED is still off, check your gateway LED settings.

Q – My gateway LED is permanent green.
A – If you have a permanent green LED on your gateway then you have lost internet connection. Check your ethernet cable/internet.

Q – My gateway LED is flashing green.
A – Press your gateway button once to return to normal mode.

Q – How many devices can I connect to the UG600?
A – You can connect up to 240 devices to the UG600 gateway.

Q – How do I factory reset my UG600 gateway?
A – Press the button on the gateway for five seconds. When the process is complete the led will flash blue

SP600 Smart Plug

Q – I cannot determine what smart plug is in each room.
A – On your Smart Home app click on your smart plug tile followed by clicking the name of your smart plug. Next click the magnifying glass to enable your smart plug LED to flash.

Q – How do I pin my smart plug to the smart home dashboard?
A – Select Equipment then choose All Equipment for device, Click the device tile. This will open the equipment detail. Tap the pin icon in the right hand corner near the equipment icon. Navigate to the Dashboard to see the tile. Do the same process in reverse to remove tiles from the dashboard.

Q – If a smart plug has been connected previously, how do I connect it again to a different system?
A – Before you can connect a previously used smart plug to your system, you must first reset it. To reset your smart plug press and hold the top button for ten (10) seconds to reset it. When it flashes red, it can be used in a new smart home system.

Q – How do I turn my smart plug on?
A – To turn your smart plug on, you can use the app to manually flip the tile and turn on the plug, set up a schedule for the plug to come on/off, use a Salus SB600 smart button to operate your smart plug or press the button located on top of the smart plug.

Q – How do I set my schedules?
A – Using your Smart Home app, press your smart plug tile. When the tile has flipped over press the name of your smart plug. Then scroll down until
you see schedule. He you can set up weekday and weekend schedules for your smart plug to turn on and off.

Q – How do I add a smart plug to the Smart Home system?
A –

  • After installing the plug it will flash
  • On the Smart Home app, go to the menu
  • Go to equipment
  • Tap all equipment
  • Tap add new device
  • Once connected the led on the plug will stop flashing

Base Pack

Q – With the SALUS Smart Home Base Pack, can I add a devices at a later time or do they have to be installed at the same time?
A – No, you can add a device to the smart home range at any time.