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Smartphone Controlled Thermostat


iT500 Smartphone controlled thermostat with options for heating and hot water control or 2 heating zones.
Access and control your heating and hot water via the Internet

  • Compatible with your Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Your Smartphone, Tablet or PC connects to the system using your existing broadband connection
  • The internal system uses 868 MHz for robust communication
  • System is secure and energy efficient
  • The system is wireless so it’s easy to install
  • 3 possible system configurations


  • Switching 230V
  • 2 x Volt Free Outputs
  • Internet control via Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Local control
  • Wall or desk mounted thermostat
  • Touch controls on thermostat
  • Frequency 868 MHz
  • Suitable for heating or cooling applications
  • 5 Year Warranty



2 x AA Batteries





  5V (adaptor included)



230V AC 50Hz

Switch Rating

 16 (5) amp


 5 (2) amp





 2 x AAA Batteries



10 reviews for iT500

  1. rose simmons

    find the thermostat difficult to program,cannot change the settings -its programmed to come on three times a day,the display does not stay on . heating has not come on.and it has locked itself so i cannot change ant settings,

  2. Martin Pike

    I’ve got 7 of these installed at various properties I operate as serviced apartments and the like. I’ve just bought an 8th for a new property I’ve just bought, so I guess I’m happy with them.

  3. Terry Worton

    I bought this this originally to control heating and hot water and have since moved it to a combi boiler. No problems with either and easy to control with the app (I use android). I can access the thermostat when I am away and instantly see what the temperature is in the house. You can set six schedules on a daily(M T W Th F S Su individually), weekday and weekend (M-F/S-Su), or weekly(M-Su) basis and you can switch between them using the app. You can also control a frost setting and holiday dates from the app. Overall I am very pleased with the product and have no reservations recommending it.

  4. Andrew Turton

    Stuck with this but I wish I had bought a different one. Working perfectly OK until you update the firmware. Everytime you do, it says it’s ‘offline’ ad he whole system goes down. It is not offline! I am seiously thinking of dumping the whole thing as it is so annoying. Happened toda st as the weather is going to be extremely cold. Would I recommend it? NO.

    • saluscontrols UK

      Please contact our support team on 01226 323 961 to resolve this issue.

  5. Anna

    When I connecte the gateway to Internet, the light is always red intermittent or green intermitten and it never connects to he central. What’s the problem? Can you help me?

    • saluscontrols UK

      Please contact our support team on 01226 323 961 to resolve this issue.

  6. Darren

    I’ve had one of these for approx 18 months, at first fantastic and worked seamlessly but upon changing broadband supplier, the unit is continually offline. Tried uninstalling, new batteries, tried Eveything it says online and in the manual but with no avail. Emailed support but never respond? Overall good unit when it works

    • saluscontrols UK

      Please contact our support team on 01226 323 961 to resolve this issue.

  7. Zoran Srbija

    Can a 0.1-degree hysteresis be added to the program and application?

    • saluscontrols UK

      If the device and app are fully up to date, this option will be available.

  8. David S

    DIY install no problem, been running for over 3 years no problems. lacks advanced prediction of heating requirements but at price is brilliant value for money. Remote access on budget but high quality.

  9. Colin Wright

    I have had the iT500 for four years now and use it to control my central heating via a laptop PC and an android phone. The thermostat has saved me a fortune as I can easily turn my heating off when not in the house. So I thoroughly recommend this product. The android app is regularly updated the PC program and firmware less so, but it works.

  10. Marko Pelovic

    Works like a charm 🙂
    On my first run, I wait 5-10 min for Firmware update… that’s the only wait time.

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