SALUS Controls PLC offer to guarantee compliance with Boiler Plus legislation and the subsequent repayment of any incurred fines for non-compliance thereof based upon strict adherence with the following terms and conditions.

  • The SALUS branded heating control is a component of the heating system as a whole. To ensure compliance with Boiler Plus legislation the whole heating system in its entirety must be considered. It is the responsibility of the installer or heating engineer to ensure that the chosen individual components add up to and are correctly configured to ensure a compliant system. For further guidance we would recommend Installers refer to and understand the original BEIS consultation and FAQs plus the guidance provided by HHIC.
  • SALUS Controls PLC will accept no responsibility or subsequent indemnity for non-compliance where the system has been installed and/or configured incorrectly or outside of the suggested guidelines. Such examples may include, although are by no means limited to, (i) Installation of a non-Opentherm compatible boiler when used with a SALUS RT520/RT520RF, (ii) Installation of a SALUS smart connected Thermostat solution (RT310i, It500, SmartHome HTRS-RF (30), HTRP-RF(50)) in a location where an internet connection is unavailable.