Especially for controlling electrical heating


The new digital room thermostat RT510SR from SALUS with its radio relay is the perfect solution for precise and efficient control of electrical heating.

The SALUS radio relay can be placed directly in a flush-mounted box. With a switching capacity of 16A, the entire range of single-phase electrical heaters can be controlled. The room thermostat and radio relay are already connected and can be used immediately.

The temperature-time program profiles are added to the properties of the RT310SR. Easy to program or use the factory program. No lengthy installation is necessary. The RT510SR is a precise room thermostat with LCD display!

  • properties
  • Sleep mode
  • Programmable temperatures and times
  • Frost protection
  • Stand (option)
  • Easy handling
  • Frequency 868 MHz with a range of up to 30 m


  • Manual operation, program can be deactivated
  • Pre-configured for „plug and play“
  • Vacation mode
  • 16 A switching capacity
  • Modern design
  • RF test function
  • easy installation
  • 5 year guarantee

RT510SPE thermostat

Operating voltage:

2 x AA batteries (incl.)

Radio frequency:

868 MHz

Temp. Range:

5 ° C to 35 ° C


+/- 0.5 ° C

Dimensions (mm):

B-120 H-96 T-27


Radio relay SR868

Operating voltage:

230V (AC)   50Hz

Switching current max:



Wireless relay, on / off, 16A

Dimensions (mm):

B-44 H-44 D-26


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